Customized Car Windscreen ( Cermin Buatan Khas )

Custom-made car mirrors are usually for:
1. Classic cars that are difficult to find or
2. Car mirrors that are excessively expensive.

Custom-made car mirrors
There are two types of car mirrors:
1. Single-layer car mirrors (Laminated Glass)
2. Double-layer car mirrors (Tempered Glass)

These are custom-made pictures:

Custom-made cars are for car mirrors that are excessively expensive, such as the Proton X70 moonroof glass, which costs RM 7000 for a complete installation. Custom-made car mirrors are only priced at RM 1800.

Custom-made mirrors are for cars that are difficult to find.

We make custom windshields for all types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, buses, and golf carts.