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Car / Vehicle windscreen replacement have to be done professionally to make sure that the sealant is completely secure, because windscreen leakage can cause car on to short circuit and cause serious damage.

if a car / vehicle having trouble of windscreen leakage the best way to handle the problem is to remove the old sealant and replace new sealant.

The way we handle the leakage problem is to clean off the rust on the surface of the body as you can see on the picture above. After we clean off the rust, we will apply anti rust on it. After we done all the process we will give 5 years warranty on leakage.

When you having this problem, can come and ask for more details.

Water leakage can cause short circuit to some component such as ecu, alarm, cd player ..etc. 

Water leakage can cause serious expenses.

If this happen to u, it is advice that replacement of sealant have to be done as soon as possible.

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